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Installing a Loopback Adapter on Windows XP-32 Bit and 11g R2 database and RCU creation and Oracle Business Intelligence, v.

My System coonfiguration : Ram 8 GB and Instalaltion on virtual machine

Open the Windows Control Panel.

1.      IF you are in Category view switch to classic view
2.      Double-click Add Hardware to start the Add Hardware wizard.
3.      In the Welcome window, click next.

 4.      In the “Is the hardware connected?” window, select Yes, I have already connected the hardware, and click Next.

5) In the The following hardware is already installed on your computer window, in the list of installed hardware, select Add a new hardware device, and click Next.

6.      In the The wizard can help you install other hardware window, select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list, and click Next.

 7.      From the list of hardware types, select the type of hardware you are installing window, select Network adapters, and click Next.
8)     In the Select Network Adapter window, make the following selections:
a.       Manufacturer: Select Microsoft.
b.      Network Adapter: Select Microsoft Loopback Adapter.
Click Next.

9)    In the The wizard is ready to install your hardware window, click Next.
10)    In the Completing the Add Hardware Wizard window, click Finish..
11)    Go to Control Panel and click on Network Connections.
12)   Right-click the connection that was just created. This is usually named “Local Area Connection 2”. 
13)  Right click on the New Local Area connection and select properties
   14)   On the General tab, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and click Properties

   15)     In the Properties dialog box, click Use the following IP address and do the following:
a.       IP Address: Enter a non-routable IP for the loopback adapter. For instance :
                                                             ii.      192.168.x.x (x is any value between 0 and 255)
b.      Subnet mask: Enter
c.       Leave all other fields empty.
Click OK

16)   Click OK.
17)  Close Network Connections.
18)   Restart the computer.
19)  Add a line to the SYSTEM_DRIVE:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file with the following format, right after the localhost line:
IP_address   hostname.domainname   hostname
  • IP_address is the non-routable IP address
  • hostname is the name of the computer.
  • domainname is the name of the domain.

20) Check the network configuration:
    • Open System in the Control Panel, and select the Computer Name tab. In Full computer name, make sure you see the host name and the domain name, for example,
    • Click Change. In Computer name, you should see the hostname, and in Full computer name, you should see the host name and domain name. Using the previous example, the host name would be sales and the domain would be
    • Click More. In Primary DNS suffix of this computer, you should see the domain name, for example,

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USE THE PASSWORD MANAGEMENT TO unlock certain schemas             
NOTE:  unlock some SCHEMA WITH administrator privileges like (SYS, SYSTEM etc) to meet the BI Installation requirements and complete the database installation


Create a home directory in the C DRIVE AND GIVE that path.

ENTER BELOW web logic username and password to login to OBIEE Presentation services

OOps.... It took a good 2 hours to load all the snapshots...Finally Done.....

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