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Installing a Loopback Adapter on Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit and 11g R2 database (64 Bit) and RCU creation and Oracle Business Intelligence, v.

My System  Configuration :  RAM : 8 GB
Operating System : Windows Vista Home Premium -64 BIT
Before the Installation: First question in my mind was whether we should go for 64 bit java or 32 bit java [ After seeing few posts in OTN]. To clarify my doubts I went through the documentation. The points to be noted are as follows
1)      For all install types (Simple, Enterprise, and Software Only), the steps for installing
 Oracle Business Intelligence are the same on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems if you
Want to use the JDK that is provided with Oracle Business Intelligence
Simply follow the steps provided for those install types whether you’re installing on a 32-bit or 64-bitoperating system.
2)      However, to use another JDK, you must install it before installing Oracle WebLogic
Server and Oracle Business Intelligence
3)      Oracle Business Intelligence does not support 32-bit JDKs on 64-bit operating
Systems and 64-bit JDKs on 32-bit operating systems. Ensure that the JDK you
Install matches the bit architecture of your operating system.
Installing Oracle Business Intelligence 11g with Your Own Java Development Kit (JDK)
4)      Install your own JDK first
5)      Install Oracle WebLogic Server.
6)      Install Oracle Business Intelligence 11g using the Software Only Install type.
7)      If you install a 32/64-bit hybrid JDK on a 64-bit operating system, ensure that it is
deployed in 64-bit mode
8)      If you install your own 64-bit JDK, ensure that your JAVA_HOME refers to it.
References: Oracle Documentation
 Now I am just moving with default JDK provided with OBIEE software
Control Panel >>>Classic view >>>> Add Hardware



 As OTN doesn’t have RCU for 64 bit. I just downloaded 32 bit and run the utility and it worked

OBIEE Installation: -


 Guess What BI Tool and Presntation services are opening fast than 32 BIT OS.

Venkat Krishna

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