Saturday, August 20, 2011

OBIEE - Sample Application (V107) – Download and installation

Link to download:-
When you download the VM image from OTN from the following link there will be two parts
1) A single SampleApp_v107_GA.ovf file (small file, 19kb) – Can be directly downloaded from OTN
2) 4 Image disk files, zipped into a 25 Gigs set of zip files. – Needs FTP client (EX: FireZilla client)

How to use FireZilla to FTP:- 

1)     Got to the following link to download the FireZilla client

2)     When you download your FireZilla will look like this. Left side of this FireZilla is local site ( your computer ) Right side of FireZilla is  Remote site ( Ex: here oracle to download the 25 GB file

3)     Go to the File à Site manager
Note :-- 

And click connect.

IT will take a good time for the full download of 25 GB.

Next step is to install 7 Zip to unzip the download files

Link to download and install the 7 zip is as follows

Using 7Zip navigate to the directory where you downloaded the zip files and select the file SampleApp_v107.7z.001 and click extract, the unzip process will automatically read the other 12 files Extraction will take between 20 to 30 minutes. Once the extraction completes, copy the SampleApp_v107_GA.ovf file in the same directory where you extracted.

Download the VM from the following link and install.

 Import Appliance Image in Virtual Box

1)     Open Oracle VM Virtual Box.
2)     Click on File->Import Appliance and choose SampleApp_V107.ovf. Click on Next.
3)     In Appliance Import Settings screen, go to the Virtual Disk Image property.
4)     Change the path to a desirable location where you’d like to create the deployed disk image files (~45GB once completed) and click on Finish.
5)     The deployment process can take some time depending on your host machine (max 40 min ~ 1hr).

For Next steps:- Follow the oracle documentation on remaining steps…. To explore the New features of OBIEE11.1.1.5 at the following link – continue from page 7



  1. can we increase more than 4g ram on virtual box since obiee 11g requires 4gb min ram??????????