Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Combined New metadata repository features in Oracle BI EE 11g Release ( include

  • Ability to Limit and Offset Rows Returned
  •  Identify Query Candidates with Oracle BI Summary Advisor
  • Integrate the Administration Tool with a Third-Party Source Control Management
  • Streamlined MUD Merge Process
  • Automated Repository Patching Process
  • Support for Aggregate Persistence in a Cluster
  • FIRST_PERIOD and LAST_PERIOD Time Series Functions
  • Ability to Print the Physical and Business Model Diagrams

·        Access to Oracle OLAP Data Sources
·        Access to TimesTen Data Sources
·        Ability to Connect to SAP/BW Data Sources Using a Native Connection
·        New Diagramming Capability
·        Validation Utility to Validate Metadata Objects in a Repository

  • New SampleApp.rpd Demonstration Repository
  •  Hierarchy Objects in the Presentation Layer
  • Support for Unbalanced (Ragged) and Skip-Level Hierarchies
  • Support for Parent-Child Hierarchies
  • Creating Subject Areas for Logical Stars and Snowflakes
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Generating and Applying XML Patch Files
  • Enhancements for Multiuser Development and Repository Lifecycle Management
  • Metadata Repository File Encryption
  • Metadata Repository File Compression
  • Embedded Database Functions
  • SQL Functions for Time Series Calculations and Level-Based Measures
  • Support for SELECT_PHYSICAL
  • Support for Calculated Members
  • Access to Essbase Data Sources
  • Access to Hyperion Financial Management Data Sources
  • Access to ADF Business Component Data Sources

  • Access to Oracle RPAS Data Store Through ODBC
  • Ability to Connect to Oracle Database Through OCI
  • Support for Dragging and Dropping XMLA Objects
  • Support for Using a Standby Database with Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Aggregate Persistence Auto-Indexing
  • Pruning Utility to Delete Unwanted Repository Objects
  • Ability to Defer Execution of Session Variable Initialization Blocks
  • Improved Usability in the Administration Tool

More detailed explanation of these features can be found in the following oracle Documentation
Source: oracle.com


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