Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Additional features of the Physical and Business Model Diagrams

1) All toolbar options for the diagram, such as Select, New Table, and New Join, are
also available from the Diagram menu.\

2)   Moving the mouse over a table causes the fully-qualified name for that table to
appear in the status bar.

3) You can have both the Physical Diagram and Business Model Diagram windows
open at the same time.

4)  Any customizations you have made to the layout (by manually moving individual
tables) are lost after you close the diagram or choose Auto Layout.

5)  You can cause fully-qualified table names to appear in diagrams by setting a
preference in the Options dialog.

6)  You can use the Print and Print Preview options on the File menu to managePrint option on the toolbar.
printing options for the diagrams. You can also use the

Source : oracle Documentation.



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