Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OBIEE installation on Windows Xp(32-BIT)


In the OBIEE Certification,  I didn't see windows 32-Bit as supporting Operating system. Still I gave a shot to see whether it will work or not.

It works!!!.

My System Config :
1)RAM - 8 GB..
2)  4 GB I used for Virtual Machine.

 For Installing a Loop back Adapter on Windows XP-32 Bit , 11g R2 oracle database refer my earlier blog entry.



OBIEE Installation:

Please feel free to post your comments.



  1. excellent i have a doubt
    1) the repository password you have mentioned
    Admin123 is the default password we have to
    mention every time we open bi admin tool or
    is there any spcl reason or the password you
    provided in your oracle 11g rel 2 database
    2) is bisampleapp_107 is in build on this
    version or we have again use deployment.

  2. Admin123 is the repository password set by oracle when they made samplelite RPD. If you create a new RPD in OBIEE you will mention password of your own right. The same way oracle has set password as " Admin123" for samplelite.


  3. Is BiSAMPlE is already deployed in the default installation or same like previous release is that we have to deploy on our own since I have not found any document related to deployment of Sampleapp in oracle website. (

  4. hi mr venkat excellent post
    hi i have successfully installed obiee x64bit on win 7 as i want to practice obiee 11g tutorial from OLL

    Creating a Repository Using the Oracle BI 11g Administration Tool

    when i followed the steps but when i opened bi admintool and i have tried to create a new repository
    username: BISAMPLE
    password: BISAMPLE1

    next import metadata
    i have given the credentials as
    connection type OCI 10G/11G
    data source name: orcl
    username: BISAMPLE
    password: BISAMPLE1

    i have popped up with a message connection has failed
    my doubt
    1) is that we have to deploy sampleapp_10722 by following the oracle source docs from below
    but this deployment document is for can we use this for
    2) but i have not noticed any document for deployment of sampleapp in this version

    correct me if any thing is wrong from my end what is the solution

  5. Hi Venkat,

    Great work by you..keep posting new things in OBIEE. it will be very helpful for us.i wanna know can we install OBIEE in windows 7(32 Bit)?? last time when i tries to install version it didnt get installed.Please do reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi anand yes u can install in xp y dnt u install in 64bit it is certified by oracle in 64bit. And the performance and user interface is better in 64bit

    2. @anand.. If you go through OBIEE Certification... They say you can install for Windows 7..... They didn't mention XP.. You should be good....With Installation

  6. Hi Venkat,

    Nice post,i try to install the OBIEE in my system windows 2008 64bit in that configuration process "Starting Managed Server: bi_server1 : Failed" (Before i installed working fine) please help me.

  7. Have you addressed java location in environment variables java needs to be located in the folder with out spaces

  8. Haii venkat.
    I am trying to install in my lappy windows 7 32bit os.everything got installed correctly only .but while installing admin tool software while copying file process it is asking for "choose for oracle fusion middleware change disk4" wats the problem??please help me...

    1. hi,

      you have to browse and select disk 4 folder manually while asking. get back to me incase of any doubt.

  9. Hi, I have a problem when i'm trying to import metadata to rpd. I keep getting this error "connection failed". I followed the suggestions discussed in the OTN blogs such as adding tnsnames.ora file and also I've set the environment variable. Any other suggestions pls? Thanks!

  10. Check my earlier Post..


    1) Use OCI call interface when u try to Import metadata

    2) Make use TNS file is copied as mentioned in the above article....

    Other than that I don't see suggestions to resolve the connection failed error...


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  12. Hi Venkat ,
    Nice Post about OBIEE Installation, any installation issue at Win-Xp-32 Bit ....???

  13. Hi
    is windows xp enough for doing tutorials despite that xp is a 32bit OS and cannot index more that 3.5GB in RAM?