Monday, May 28, 2012

Installation of Informatica Server and Clients - Version 9.0.1

Before installing the server  create a user in the database by running the following commands in SQL developer 

Installing Informatica Server:

Note: To find the Oracle_All_OS_Prodkey you need to follow the following screen shot.
I just copied the key to C:\ Drive.

Give the following details in the below screen shot
1) database type: name of your Database
2) Database user name and password (User name you created  in the first step)
3) Database address: your host name and port number
4) Database service name: your database service Name
Test you connection.

Most of the fields in the below screenshot populated by instalaltion. Specify Domain username and password (Just mention username and password as Administrator/Administrator)


Just uncheck  [Run Informatica under a different user account] and click NEXT in the below screenshot to configure. It will take few minutes to configure the domain and at the end you will see the summary.



Login to Informatica Administrator Page.
Username and password will be (Administrator/Administrator)

 Creating Repository Services:

Click Finish. It will create Repository services. 
Note : In the general properties you will see  Respository services will be in the excuusive mode.

Creating Integrating Services:

In the below screen  enter (Administrator/Administrator) as Repository username
and password.

Final Admin console After creating Repository services and integrating services Running.

Installation of Informatica Client : 

Finally Done: 


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