Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Install OBIEE on Linux OEL5 update 8-- Part -1

Hi Friends,

In the following post we will see how to install OBIEE on  OEL 5.8 update.

Part 1 : Installing the OS.

1) Go to > and download the OEL5.8 update ISo as shown below.

[Note : Reason for going OEL5.8 instead of  OEL 6 or hight version is , I read somewhere that OEL6 supports only  Database. If you go to oracle site to download database you can see  ( version only to download.]

2)  Put your ISO as input to your Vm as shown below and click next . Adjust your RAM to atleast 4GB  in the  configuration hardware window



4)    Just Skip the test

Disable the Firewall
SE LinuX Setting " Disable"
Don't Enable Kdump leave default and click Forward

Click Forwad and complete the steps.
You are ready with the "Linux OS"


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