Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Installing BI Composer using Script in OBIEE

Hi Friends,

My Environment : 64 bit Linux

Today I upgraded  my OBIEE to latest version OBIEE

In this post I will demonstrate how to install BI Composer using Script method

as shown in the below Documentation


1)  Open a shell prompt and  go to the directory 


Note : I  installed OBIEE at /u01/app/oracle/OBIEE11g. So Please choose the path as per your installation

2)   If you see the Oracle Documentation above it asks you to execute  the  command in the following  format 

./wlst.sh ORACLE_HOME/bicomposer/install/configureComposer.py DOMAIN_HOME 
<administration_server_home> <Port_Number> <Admin_User_Name>

./wlst.sh mw_home/BI1/bicomposer/install/configureComposer.py mw_home/user_projects/bifoundation mycomputer 7001 jdoe 

This command is actually  Six parts parts.......

1) ./wlst.sh : If you navigate  to /u01/app/oracle/OBIEE11g/wlserver_10.3/common/bin  you will find  wlst.sh script.

2)   mw_home/BI1/bicomposer/install/configureComposer.py : Here you have to give your complete script location like below


3)DOMAIN_HOME : This is your Domain_HOME location

 actuall path should be  as below


4)<administration_server_home> :  If your  OBIEE URL is like below


The name before 9704 is <administration_server_home>.

So here localhost  is  <administration_server_home>

5) <Port_Number> :  By default this is 7001

6) <Admin_User_Name> : This is also web logic

In a whole your command should look like below

Command : 

 ./wlst.sh  /u01/app/oracle/OBIEE11g/Oracle_BI1/bicomposer/install/configureComposer.py   /u01/app/oracle/OBIEE11g/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain  localhost  7001 weblogic
Once you execute the script It will ask you to enter weblogic username/Password

3Start the Administration Server :

When you run the above script It will stop the Administrator Server as below

You have to start the script as shown below

4) Stop & Start  Managed WebLogic Server:

If your  Managed server is Already running  Press Ctrl + C

 5) Stop & Start OPMNCTL:

 6) Login to OBIEE > then go to > My Account  and select " Wizard (Limited Functionality)"

as shown below

7) Then go to New > Analysis > Subject Area . You will see the BI composer as shown below.



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