Monday, February 25, 2013

Script to backup Catalog Daily in OBIEE -- Linux

Hi Friends,

As a best practice we take backup of catalog  daily, weekly, monthly.

So here I am gonna  tell you how to create a script to take a backup of catalog.

1) Create empty file and rename it as  catalog_backup with extension  "sh" as shown above.

2) Edit the catalog_backup with " Emacs Text editor " (or)  GEDIT what ever text editor you have.

put the following text as shown below

where  xxx  ;  is your catalog name

Code Explanation :
cp  -avr    /sourcefolder                   /target folder

cp  : Copy
-avr :  a= Archive
           v = verbose [Explain's what happens]
          R =  Recursively

$(date '+%d_%m_%y_%H_%M')_xxx    : This will add the date to the folder with the extention of _xxx

which means nothing but adding you catalog name as suffix

3) After you input the code save your file.  Once you save it, do the following

Right click on the file > properties > Go to " Permissions Tab" and click on the check box  which says

" Execute"  to make it a executable  file

That's it  run this script it will take a backup of your catalog as shown below


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