Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to Upgrade from OBIEE to on linux

Hi Friends ,

Today we will see how to upgrade from OBIEE to version.

In this example I am taking OBIEE   and upgrading it to  OBIEE Version.

Your Best Friend to help is oracle Upgrade Documentation.

High-level upgrade path is as follows

There is a  chapter in the upgrade document which says

"Moving from,, or to".

This is you starting point.

Step 1:

Stop all the  OBIEE Stack

Step 2: Patching Weblogic

As we are going to the latest OBIEE. I want to patch the weblogic to the latest version.
We  have a default weblogic 10.3.5 which came from default OBIEE Installation.
I am here trying to patch the weblogic 10.3.5  to 10.3.6. 

Why to patch the endeca ?Another  Reason to upgrade weblogic?

If you are planning to use Endeca  better upgrade the weblogic right now... see the screen shot below. Endeca supports  10.3.6

Note : What versions of weblogic is supported for  OBIEE


Patch number  13529623 is required to patch the weblogic from 10.3.5 to 10.3.6, download it from oracle support.

Run the following command to start the upgrade process

That's it we have patched the Weblogic Server

Step 3 : Upgrading the BI Domain

For this one you have to download the OBIEE  Software(bishiphome)

Linux Tip :  If you want to unzip all the Linux files at the same time use the following command

Click Finish and you are done with  Installation.

Step 4:  

Start the Node Manager and Weblogic in linux

Step 5: Upgrading MDS and BIPLATFORM Schemas

Starting the  Patch set assitant

Click on the connect button it will automatically populate the MDS Schema Details

*Enter the DEV_MDS   Schema password you gae during the OBIEE installation and click " NEXT"*

Step 5:  For all the remaining steps in the oracle documentation  ( 6-14)  As said in the document we are gonna use Configuration Assistant.

That's it done with  configuration 

You can now login to OBIEE URL

 Oracle Business Intelligence  Banner etc are misssing... If you have the same problem flush your cache....

After clearing the cache everything looks good as below.

Even Weblogic is upgraded to the 10.3.6

The only part I am missing is as follows

Need to do some more reading.... I know while installing OBIEE... we all select the RTD option as below...

Will do some research  on upgrading RTD ( Real -Time Decisions)

and update the upgrade process...